I’ll be straight with you: I love blue. Denim, chambray and so forth. So, the recent buzz surrounding a resurgence in the use of indigo dye has struck a chord with me. Not only do indigo dyes look gorgeous in store and in the first days of wear, the garment will only gain character and beauty with time as the dye bleeds and fades. The wearer will be left in each case with their own unique piece, unlike any other. Unionmade, a San Francisco based clothing shop, recently released an entire collection of gorgeous indigo inspired redesigns on pieces from a number of brands including UNIS and the Hill-Side. Apolis also makes an indigo wool chore coat well worth having a look at. I am in the early stages of breaking in said jacket and have nothing but positive things to say about it. It is wonderful to see a dye with such a lengthy and strong connection with work clothing being given the exposure it so richly deserves.

– CK

Images via Unionmade and Apolis


3 thoughts on “Indigo

  1. interestingly we have a friend on SSI who writes intensively on tropical dyes. She is just finishing an article for a fashion mag about historical indigo dyes. Do you want the link?

  2. Hi Connor and Addi,
    My name is Esme. Your appreciation and love for indigo dyed textiles is mine too! I’m writing a book on how to dye with different indigos using a method without the need for harsh chemicals. If all goes well it will be finished this year. I think you will enjoy seeing my web site. I’m now setting up a dye garden that will include different indigos that grow in a temperate climate. If you come to Salt Spring Island your welcome to visit.

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