Safety Razor

While everyday television may tell you that the latest five (or is it now six?) blade razor is the only thing that will give you a smooth and comfortable shave, I beg to disagree. For me, there is no competing with the convenience, closeness of shave and cost associated with a good safety razor. A safety razor, for those who have yet to try, is a long handled razor with a headpiece designed to hold a double edged razor blade in a way that protects your face from erroneous nicks and scratches. For the last couple of years I’ve been using Baxter of California’s offering. I’d recommend it whole heartedly for anyone looking to get into safety razor shaving. While the cost of entry will run you around $60 for the razor, once you’ve got it, the standardised blades are far cheaper than proprietary cartridges that your Gillette or Schick demands. The razor itself is a well crafted offering; it has a nice solid weight and feel and looks sleek and well-designed. I’ve had no problems at all, and have found the blades for it easy to come by. There are a number of other high quality offerings on the market including Edwin Jagger and Merkur which are also well worth a try. While it may seem needless and old fashioned, in my opinion today’s razor offerings are incredibly poor by comparison, and anyone having doubts about their Gillette (or the cost of blades for it) should contemplate a switch. The Baxter razors are available here.

– CK


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