Big John x Tenue de Nimes

Last post on denim for a while — I promise. This pair is a collaboration between Big John, Japan’s oldest jeans brand, and Tenue de Nimes, Holland’s premiere denim distributor. A slim tapered cut in a gorgeous 14.5 oz denim, the jean is dyed in a reduced indigo solution giving it a lighter colour. The jean has clean aesthetic and the patch commemorating the collaboration is nicely designed and suits the jean. For me, the highlight of this pair of jeans, and one of the details that’s gotten me most excited about an article of clothing in a long time, is the Delft blauw (blue) pockets. Having a Dutch mother, I grew up seeing this pattern a lot and I’ve grown to love it. Seeing it used with denim was a delight for me and while it may not be on display all the time, it’ll add a little extra pleasure each time you put them on. This was another point of recognition of the Dutch and Japanese collaboration, as the Delft blauw pattern was often produced in Japan once the trade route between the two countries was opened. The one problem with this jean — only 24 were produced and I slept on buying, missing out on my chance to get my hands on a pair. If you’re a waist 29, 30 or a 34 though, follow the link as quick as you can.

– CK


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