For well made, well designed and exceptionally comfortable clothing, wings+horns is one of the best out there. A Vancouver based company founded in 2004, it combines Japanese quality, detail and function with Canadian tradition. This comes as the result of a director who having lived in Vancouver, spent seven years in Japan immersed in the fashion and culture before coming home to launch wings+horns. Many of their basics pieces will become staple favourites after a wear or two. Each piece is simple and classic  and will survive for ages due to the exceptional craftsmanship. In particular, their basic pocket tee, their long and short sleeved henleys and their west point chinos integrate perfectly into any wardrobe. While some of the wings+horns pieces can run a bit expensive, a couple times a year they organize a sample sale in Vancouver which offers a great opportunity to pick up the pieces you’ve been looking at at really reasonable prices. They’re also available at Roden Gray in Vancouver.

– CK


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