Brookline Jacket

Engineered Garments, the brainchild of Daiki Suzuki, easily one of the top names in the workwear fashion industry, has produced a number of gems in their Spring/Summer 2012 line. Manufactured in New York’s garment district under the ideal of wabi-sabi, a Japanese concept basically meaning that all things pass and nothing is ever perfect, EG pieces are known for their lasting power and top craftsmanship. One piece of the Spring/Summer 2012 line that has stood out particularly for me is the Brookline jacket, particularly in the  khaki and blue combination. The jacket is reversible, so you can swap from the khaki to a wind and water proof blue, making it quite versatile and good looking in both ways. It’s a tour de force by Daiki Suzuki making a reversible jacket in which each side is functional and attractive. The combination of snap buttons on the blue side and button up on the khaki side is another nice addition. I’ve yet to snap one up, but a trip to the Inventory Stockroom, Vancouver’s finest EG stockist, may be in order.

– CK


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