Filson Rutland Medium Duffle Bag


When I’m travelling, I find myself pulled in two directions as far as my luggage goes. Part of me wants something capacious and functional; a backpack perhaps. However, another part of me wants something that looks good; a vintage leather suitcase. Recently, I’ve been using an aged leather doctor bag for all my travelling. It is small enough to fit into carry-on when flying but large enough for two weeks away if packing is done carefully and frugally. Unfortunately though, it isn’t always the most comfortable bag to walk with for a long distance, and sometimes you just need more space. So I’ve been hunting for a new bag and in Filson’s Rutland Duffle Bag, I’m pretty sure I’ve found it.

The Rutland is a medium sized duffle bag built from a heavy twill and leather. This particular model is accented with Sebago leather and comes only in tan, which is fine with me as I think it looks great. It is just over two feet long and slightly over a foot wide and deep. I’ve had the pleasure of looking the bag over at Filson’s flagship store in Seattle and it strikes a perfect balance between capacity and portability. The leather on tan combination gives the bag the rugged yet stylish look that I’m looking for – it’s the sort of bag that makes me want to drive a Land Rover to Tierra del Fuego, take the Eurostar from London to Paris and canoe down a forgotten river in a mountain valley. To me this desire to use it is key to an excellent piece of equipment. While the US$325 price tag is steep, Filson is known for their exceptional build-quality and I imagine that this bag will last for a quite a long time and will only get better looking with age.

– AP



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