Midori Traveller’s Notebook

A brilliant piece, the Midori traveller’s notebook is an amazing example of Japanese design. The exterior of this notebook is a rough cut brown or black leather with an interior elastic strap to secure a choice of notebooks and a handsome exterior elastic to hold the notebook shut. The selection of interior notebooks and ability to interchange on a whim makes the Midori traveller’s notebookamazingly versatile. For a demonstration of how it works, there’s a handy video available here. There are a wide variety of the inner notebooks that work with the Midori from simple lined, blank or graph paper sheets to travel journals, day calendars, heavy sketching paper or business card holders. There is a smaller, passport sized, option for those who like to travel particularly light, with all the aforementioned items available. Before I discovered this, I would never have thought about abandoning my Moleskine, but thanks to Miscellaneous Store I’m transcribing this article from my new Midori.

– CK


2 thoughts on “Midori Traveller’s Notebook

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