The Hill-Side Scarves

Spring in Vancouver can be quite a fickle beast, with sun giving way to grey skies and rain at the drop of the hat. To be properly prepared, it always sensible to have a good light scarf on hand to keep the neck and head warm. When it comes to scarves, or neckwear in general, the Hill-Side produces some excellent options. They have a couple of particularly desirable offerings in their most recent collection including their famous Chambray scarves. Beyond to the Chambray classics are the new Guatemalan Ikat print scarves and the Jacquard Fair Isle scarves, both of which would make fun and functional additions to the wardrobes of men and women. The scarves are, in typical Hill-Side style, made from fabric sourced from around the world which is turned into the scarf in their New York factory. The scarves are all of a good length and so can be worn in any style. Mr Lee’s General Store in Vancouver often has a couple in stock and Hickoree’s New York always has a great selection in their online store.

– CK


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