Truman Minimalist Wallet

When my ancient wallet finally blew out a few months back, I embarked on a thorough search of the internet to find a suitable replacement. I was looking for something slim – to keep myself from filling my wallet with clutter – as well as something that would age well and be less prone to falling apart. I went through a number of excellent brands, including Tanner Goods and Makr, but eventually stumbled onto Truman Handcrafted, the Washington based studio of Teppei Teranishi. My search ended there with his Minimalist Bifold wallet, a simple, clean and elegant wallet comprised of two layers of leather, each with a card holder slit, sewn together by hand in Teppei’s Puget Sound studio. It can comfortably accommodate 3 or 4 cards in each slit, as well as whatever cash and receipts I need in the main pocket. I chose the natural leather for it’s tendency to age well and take on a look of its own based on the way it wears. Mine has developed a blue tinge from the indigo of my raw denim already and is well on its way to the aged leather look I hoped for. While this wallet may not be for everyone due to its stripped down capacity, I’d recommend it or any of Teppei’s other creations highly. They’re available here.

– CK

2 thoughts on “Truman Minimalist Wallet

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