Gitman Bros Vintage

While the debate over the perfect oxford shirt will continue regardless of any one man’s opinion, I would like to publicly come forward and give my vote to Gitman Bros Vintage. Gitman has been making quality shirts in Ashland, Pennsylvania for over 70 years now, employing workers who have generations of sewing history to bring their own experience and talent to each sewn shirt. Each Gitman oxford includes the original double-track stitching and chalk buttons on the collar, a contrast thread horizontal final button hole, a heritage locker loop and collar button and a perfect fit. The only issue I can bring up is the arm length – which is probably only an issue for me because I’m 6 foot 5 and have ridiculously long arms. The fabrics of the oxfords are on the heavier side for oxford weave cotton but are great for year-round were in a climate like Vancouver. I personally prefer this weight and for those who aren’t so partial to it Gitman have lighter versions available. Their chambray shirts make a particularly good lightweight option, following in the same cut and details as the typical oxford, but in a lighter chambray fabric. While they may not be the cheapest shirts on the market, I haven’t had much problem with shelling out the extra cash for a shirt that looks and feels amazing, and lasts well. They’re available here, or in store at Roden Gray.

– CK


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