Outlier 4Season OG Pant

For city biking there seem to be a couple of apparel options. The spandex route is effective, but isn’t exactly the most stylish of options and you’ll have definitely have to change at work. You can always bike around in your jeans, which pretty much guarantees an early blown out crotch and arriving with sweaty legs. Or, you could try out the new cycling pants from Outlier. A New York based company, they make some of the best possible bike to work cycle pants in the market today. Particularly favoured are the 4Season OG Pant, an all-round pant designed to work on and off the bike. This is the pant the brand has grown around, they’re breathable, stretchable, rain repellant, and sweat wicking. There is also the small matter of the NanoSphere treatment, which repels coffee, beer, or dirt, so your pants will always wind up looking good. They’re made using a doubleweave fabric for strength, which gives a tough and durable exterior with a soft interior. Of course, they’re also some of the better looking pants on the market. For anyone who is looking for a new pair of pants that they can ride to work in, head to the bar in, go for a hike in or have a coffee downtown in, I’d recommend these most highly.

– CK


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