Phillips Blue Buck

Thanks to the proliferation of microbreweries it has become easy to find a decent beer. However, finding a truly great one is still rare. For me, one of the top finds came from very close to home when I lived in Victoria, a couple blocks away from the Phillips brewery. They have a number of exceptional beers, particularly the IPAs, Dr. Funk and the Rifflandiabraus, but the one that has stood the test of time for me has been Blue Buck. A deep amber ale, the Blue Buck is neither too hoppy or too malty; it fits perfectly in the middle. It’s just on the lighter side of things, a crisp beer with a nice hoppy aroma. It works well in many situations; it is as good after a day of football (that’s soccer) in midsummer as it is coming off a rainy bike ride in midwinter.

– CK

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