Our Legacy

When it comes to simple elegant pieces like the grey crew sweatshirt, I’ve had a long standing love affair with Our Legacy. The Stockholm, Sweden based brand has been supplying the world with an ever expanding line of excellent pieces in a typically simple and excellently crafted Nordic style since 2005. Their collections have been growing in the past few seasons but their staples, on which the label was built, continue to be some of the best around. While I’ve yet to justify spending 80 dollars on their perfect t-shirt, I can vouch for it being one of the better t-shirts I’ve put on. The crew necks, as previously mentioned, are definitely some of the best around and their grey crew sweater is one of the most worn garments in my wardrobe. The weight of the sweater is suitable for a number of different conditions; never too warm or too thin. Some of the pieces in the expanded collection that I’ve been drawn towards recently include their everyman collection button downs, as well as the 1940s button down check shirt.  While Our Legacy items can be tricky to track down in North America, Four Horsemen in Victoria is a great stockist and the Our Legacy website is always a reliable source. With careful monitoring it also tends to be possible to pick up some of the pieces at very reasonable prices as their site tends to have great end of season sales.

– CK


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