The Alibi Room

For both a great pint or a nice dinner out, a great option in Vancouver is the Alibi Room. Opened in 2006 with a mission of balancing an accessible menu and becoming one of the top craft beer destinations in Vancouver, the Alibi Room can declare “Mission Accomplished!”. Located in a heritage building along the railroad between Vancouver’s Gastown and Railtown districts the Alibi fits its surroundings perfectly. The restaurant is divided into two parts, an upstairs consisting of long tables and smaller nooks and a basement with a similar mix between large and small tables, but in a more casual atmosphere without table service. The staff can always be trusted with a recommendation for your soon to be new favourite beer and the menu is always changing so you’ll never be bored. The food, playing second fiddle to the beer through no fault of its own, is superior to that found in many of the surrounding restaurants. The pork belly sandwich, burger, and charcuterie plate have all been standouts in my visits here. The nightly specials are also worth checking out. I remember a particularly excellent roasted pork knuckle and dumpling. I keep hoping it will come back. If you’re ever in the Gastown area in need of a bite, a great pint or both, then get down to the Alibi Room. You and your friends won’t be disappointed. But go early or be prepared to wait; this is a popular spot.

The Alibi Room | | 157 Alexander Street

– CK | AP

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