Tanner Goods Cardholder

My esteemed colleague here at the Facing Page recently wrote about his love for the Truman Minimalist Wallet. It is a beautiful piece but I would like to make the case for an alternative wallet. For years I carried wallets with endless nooks and crannies in which I could tuck useless cards in the off-chance that they might come in handy in some unforeseen and highly improbably situation (if only I could prove that as I licensed pleasure craft operator I am due my free coffee after only 8 stamps and so forth). But all I got was a fat wallet and a sore back from being canted over to one side all the time. With this in mind, I finally downsized and upgraded to Tanner Goods‘ Cardholder. I’ve never regretted the decision.

Tanner Goods is a Portland, Oregon based atelier that makes a wide range of leather wallets, belts and other items. The cardholder is crafted from from bridle stitched Horween’s Chromexcel leather and as a result is amazingly durable. I selected the oxblood dye variant and it has worn in beautifully. The leather has become supple and rich and the patina has deepened. I also am a fan of the bill fold on the back of the wallet that allows for quick access to cash while keeping it safely held. I’ve carried this wallet in Canada, the US, Europe and the UK and the bill fold accommodates all sizes of currency. I’ve been so impressed with the build-quality and design of this piece that I’ve added a few other Tanner Goods’ items to my (incredibly long) wish-list: their standard belt in a dark Havana dye with a brass buckle (which would nicely compliment my much-loved Deadstock Swedish Army Belt) and the tan sunglass case, as my standard issue American Optics case is slowing dying. I’ll be sure to visit the Tanner Goods store when I’m next in Portland. But perhaps I’ll leave my wallet outside; it could be too dangerous to bring it in.

– AP

Images: tannergoods.com and Alexander Perkins


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