Quoddy Chukkas

Handmade in Maine, it’s unlikely you’re going to find too many better pairs of moccasin chukkas than Quoddy’s offering. A Quoddy shoe is built to adapt to you and your foot. It has a natural feel as if you are one with your walking surface. The soles are particularly designed to promote this — they are stitched to the bottom of the shoe rather than glued and this provides far better flexibility and much simpler repairs. And when they do need repair, Quoddy guarantees their products, so they can always be sent back for resoling, repair and general refurbishments. While the price is high, the quality of service and product justify it. Furthermore, each pair is handmade for you so you can specify your width and add on extra customizations if you feel so inclined. While Quoddy’s collection focusses particularly on their Boat Moc and Canoe Moc, it is the Chukka that has drawn me in. It departs somewhat from the moccasin sole with an exclusively designed Vibram sole is a great alternative but the moccasin design is kept fully outside the sole. This give you a shoe that ‘cradles’ your feet for extra comfort. A good chukka boot is always a great thing to have, as it bridges the gap between shoe and boot flawlessly and can be worn in most situations. This chukka, in the prime grizzly peanut leather, is at the top of my footwear wishlist.

– CK


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