We Drink: Hoyne Brewing

Recently I’ve been hearing rumblings that another great microbrewery had emerged in Victoria, BC. Sean Hoyne, a passionate Victoria-based brewer responsible some of Swans and Canoe Club’s better offerings, recently set up his own microbrewery in Victoria’s Rock Bay district to start making delicious craft beer. The beers Hoyne currently offers are as follows: the Down Easy Pale Ale, a light summery pale ale; the Dark Matter, a dark and malty pour; the Hoyner Pilsner, a refreshing and crisp Pilsner; the Devil’s Dream IPA, as good and hoppy as an IPA should be; and finally the Big Bock, a full bodied lager in the Dunkel style. While I’ve sadly haven’t had a chance to try the the Bock or the IPA, I have to say the other three are among the top beers I’ve had for quite a while. The Pale Ale and the Dark Matter were both particularly good; I’m recommending them to anyone who will listen. Each is well worth hunting down but this is currently still a bit of a task. In Vancouver I’ve only come accross Hoyne in a few very beer-specific bars, but from a quick look on the Hoyne site there seem to be a number of liquor stores stocking their products. Victoria seems to be a much better area to track down Hoyne, particularly at their brewey where you can fill a growler (a half gallon brown ceramic bottle) for only $10.

– CK


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