Summer Sneakers

One of the little joys of life for me is getting a new pair of sneakers for summer. This tends to go hand in hand with throwing out the socks and breaking in the new pair on the bike, around town and on the soccer pitch. For the last couple years I’ve been in a monogamous relationship with Converse, particularly the low cut Chuck Taylor in white with the red and blue trim. I’ve veered away from these this summer though (purely as an experiment, not because I have anything against the Converse – believe me, I’ll be back) in favor of the classic Vans option as well as Italian company Superga’s white sneaker. Each of these makes a perfectly good shoe in my opinion and though I’m still adjusting to the thicker soles of the Vans and Superga, I would have to say right now it’s a bit of a coin toss for my favourite. I really like the look and feel of the Superga, especially the attention to detail. The Vans are more of a classic show but the feel doesn’t seem as high a quality as the Superga. However, you know exactly what you’re getting and it’s a bit cheaper than the Converse or the Superga. Converse have served me extremely well and I like the feel of the low sole, but I’ve had problems with thier construction as my feet always seem to end up blowing through them. I haven’t had the same amount of time in the Vans yet but the Superga have held up well under daily use. While I’ve clearly been very loyal to the white, I think the chambray blue Converse would look great, as do the Vans T&L Era 59 (interesting name as well..) and the classic black Supergas. The Converse are available here, the Vans here, and the Superga here.

– CK

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