We Hear 10 May 2012

Friday marked the tragic passing of Adam Yauch (or, as many of us knew him, MCA of the Beastie Boys). The inimitable Joshua Topolsky of the Verge summed up my reaction quite nicely: I always enjoyed the Beastie Boys but was never a die-hard fan, nor did I ever buy their albums (though I very nearly bought To the 5 Boroughs a number of times based purely on the cover art). Featuring some of Yauch’s work here is the best we can manage in tribute for a man who did an awful lot for not only music, but also a number of charitable organizations. My second offering this week is a number from Sweden’s jj, a lush electronic indie-pop duo based out of Gothenburg. Finally, a song from Brooklyn, New York’s The National, which I hold quite close with a number of memories. I saw an exceptional performance of ‘Slow Show’ at Vancouver’s Malkin Bowl and listening to this track reminds me of that amazing concert.

Intergalactic – the Beastie Boys

Let Go – jj

Slow Show (live) – The National

– CK

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