Snowdon Blue

One of our favorite labels here at The Facing Page, Acne, recently released a book of photographs in homage to the blue shirt. Anthony Armstrong-Jones, better known as Snowdon, had an incredibly long and illustrious career as a photographer, with stints in documentary, fashion, theatre, dance and journalism. His true passion though lay in portrait photography where he could work directly and intimately with his subjects. His younger daughter Frances Von Hofmannsthal, in collaboration with Acne, has now put together a 96 page book of his finest portraits featuring blue shirt-wearing subjects. These portraits, taken throughout his career, include Jeremy Irons, Ian McKellen, Ralph Fiennes and David Bowie. In conjunction with the book, Acne has released a special run of eight shirts inspired by the shirts worn by Snowdon’s subjects, all of course in varying shades of blue. They’re available, along with the book itself and a number of limited run prints of some of Snowdon’s photographs, at Acne’s website.

– CK

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