We Drink: The Syrup Trade

At last month’s Beggar’s Banquet I bought a bottle of handmade, rosemary infused simple syrup from a local company called The Syrup Trade. This nectar transformed my drinking habits overnight; I’ve been on rosemary gin fizzes (gin, rosemary simple syrup, lemon and sparkling water) ever since. I have regrettably little information about the company – an infrequently checked email address and a name are the sum total of my knowledge – but it appears that the syrup is produced locally. At Beggar’s Banquet they were offering three flavours: Rosemary, Lavender and Lemon Ginger. The syrup comes in 250 mL bottles and sells for $12 each or $20 for two. My colleague here at the Facing Page has a bottle of the Lavender syrup and loves it. I burned through my bottle of Rosemary all too quickly and have my eye set on a bottle of the Lemon Ginger next. Speaking of the bottles, the Syrup Trade has done a great job with the design and packaging of their product. The labels are simple and elegant, like the contents, and the bottles are made of a heavy brown glass which allows them to be be reused. The only problem is the apparent elusiveness of the maker. I’ve emailed the address provided on the label to enquire about buying more syrup but I haven’t yet heard back. I suppose I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed that the Syrup Trade will be selling at another pop-up market. As far as I know, the Syrup Trade attends Beggar’s Banquet and Blim’s monthly market. I’ll be at both this month with my eyes peeled, hoping that they’ll be making an appearance – I need to stock up for a summer of wonderfully flavoured drinks.

– AP

Images: Connor Keller, Beggar’s Banquet, the Hach


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