Mast Brothers Chocolate

There are not many desserts I prefer more–with the possible exception of an almond croissant–than a good bit of chocolate. Within the realm of chocolate, one of my favourite kinds is New York’s Mast Brothers. Mast Brothers is a Brooklyn-based chocolaterie that produces chocolate and nothing else. No hard candies, no toffee, no bullshit just chocolate and a goal to make the world’s best chocolate. Mast Brothers was started by Rick and Michael Mast who learnt to cook chocolate in their apartment, fell in love with the process and dropped everything to start a handmade chocolate factory in an abandoned spice warehouse. Since the factory opened they’ve been honing their craft, making world-class chocolates with single origin, single estate and mixed blend cocoa beans as well as a number of supplementary ingredients including Stumptown Coffee, Maine Sea Salt and Crown Maple Syrup. It isn’t just the ingredients and the process that are top class either, the packaging is also a huge part of the charm, particularly the nautically themed Almond and Sea Salt wrapper. Each bar is individually hand wrapped in simple, thoughtful, thematically decorated butcher paper, a nice touch on top of a great chocolate. Mast Brothers is available in Vancouver at Mr. Lee’s General Store and Old Faithful Shop.

This short documentary shot by The Source will give you an appreciation of the care that goes into crafting the chocolate.



– CK


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