Brian W. Ferry

Of the many photographers who showcase their work on the internet, my favourite is the Brooklyn, NY photographer Brian Ferry. This is a piece I’ve been meaning to get around to for ages now but I was held up by two obstacles: how to choose which photos to feature and how to communicate just how much I enjoy them. We’ve curated a gallery of some of our favourite pieces here but a visit to his own sites to browse a more extensive collection of photos is worth the time. Ferry runs two websites featuring his work and both make for a great browse. I’d recommend perusing them on a relaxed morning with a good pot of coffee by your side; an scene I’d imagine Ferry himself would enjoy. His main website contains portfolios of his photographs and is an excellent way to explore his body of work. He also runs a blog, the blue hour, where he documents, through images and some words, his life and creative process. I find his photographs to be calming, simple and elegant in their composition, often documenting the beauty most people don’t take time to stop and notice. Ferry has a keen eye for playing with natural light in his work, as some of our selections here show. On my daily stroll around the internet I see a great deal of good photography, but I rarely – if ever – stumble onto something of the calibre of Brian Ferry.

– CK

images courtesy of Brian Ferry

Edit: Brian has just released a limited run of 30 prints re-creating part of his recent exhibition at ST&NDARD GOODS. They’re available here – act fast – I already ordered mine this morning.


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