People Watching

A couple days ago I stumbled onto the photographer Leslie Williamson’s work in the New York Times design section – specifically her feature ‘People Watching‘. The feature chronicles, through both text and images, Williamson’s visit into her subject’s home for a day. Think the Selby but with text. While a fascinating read, it was the images that were exceptional. I take a great deal of interest in seeing the inside of other people’s spaces, both for curiosity and for inspiration. Williamson has a good eye for interesting aspects of her subject’s spaces and has done a great job thus far in choosing her subjects. This comes as little surprise, as Williamson has previously published a full book of similar work – Handcrafted Modern: At Home with Mid-century Designers – where she looks into the homes of some eminent designers including Ray and Charles Eames. The People Watching feature is a nice entry point into her work, as is her blog – linked here.

– CK

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