Oranje Ads

As the first Euro 2012 warm-up friendlies are upon us this weekend (the direct lead-in to the World’s second biggest football competition, after the World Cup) I’ve been glued to my the online streams of the Dutch games having a look at my beloved Oranje’s preparations, as well as those of some of our competition (particularly the green kits of Ireland…sorry–Germany). The weekend’s game may not have gone so well, the Dutch looked a little sloppy in a 2-1 loss to non-qualified Bulgaria, but despite this I gained a ton of enjoyment from the ads during breaks in the game. Sadly I’m not living in the Netherlands so I don’t speak Dutch and I don’t have access to Dutch television, so each of these ads is a new experience for me. Most of the ads, including those I’ve included here for the bank ING and the grocer C1000, are very vocal in their support of the Oranje this coming summer. Ads like these, combined with the outgoing nature and passion of the Dutch for their national football team, create a brilliant atmosphere during international tournaments–decking much of the country, and some of it’s wildlife, in orange. The two I’ve included here are two of my favorites looking to this summer’s campaign.

ING – Oranje zijn we allemaal


Heineken also tends to make a good Dutch ad from time to time, particularly this little throwback to Euro 2000.

Welcome to Holland

And another featuring a little inter-continental rivalry, this time Holland – Germany from Euro 2004.

Finally, one that chronicles the rise in football I wish I could experience (but more accurately that which was experienced by Robin van Persie – one of the current Dutch stars).

Nike – Take it to the Next Level

Hup Oranje

– CK

(Note: AP wishes to point out that the Facing Page is an unbiased publication and that CK’s fervour for the Dutch represents his own (bizarre) opinions. England are, objectively, a far more worthy team to support. Any right-thinking human knows this. Just as they know that Andy Carroll has a better nose for the goal than Robin van Persie.)


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