We Hear 30 May 2012

Having spent a great deal of the last week with my head firmly glued to either my laptop or a notebook trying to get a hideous amount of work done, I’ve had a lot of time to run through various different types of music. The first song, East Berlin at Night by Early Day Miners is a nice ‘shoegaze’ track that, along with the rest of Early Day Miner’s discography, has kept me grounded and relatively relaxed. Secondly comes Het is een Nacht by Guus Meeuwis, one of Holland’s relatively unknown, but enjoyable, exports. It’s a nice throwback for me to my first couple years of undergraduate when this song was introduced to me. Third is a new release from the Anacortes-based Mount Eerie. Much like Early Day Miner’s this is a nice, laid back song ideal for the quieter hours. This week features an extra bonus song, Proof by I Am Kloot – delving again into some of the my early undergraduate catalogue to dig up one of my favourite, but sadly somewhat unheralded, bands.

East Berlin at Night – Early Day Miners

Het is een Nacht – Guus Meeuwis

Through the Trees pt. 2. – Mount Eerie

Proof – I Am Kloot

– CK

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