The Hill-Side and Co.

The oft-asked question – when will the Hill-Side take their extraordinary ability to source fabrics and use that ability to produce clothes? – was finally answered  today with the launch of the Hill-Side and Co. The Hill-Side have collaborated with a number of garment manufacturers including Gitman Bros Vintage, Owner/Operator, Truman Handcrafted, Choctaw Ridge, Tender Co and  Stanley & Sons. This would be a list of brands that would get me excited as the stock list for a store, let alone a collaboration with one of the more creative brands going right now. Most of the pieces take existing Hill-Side fabrics and fit them into designs from each company – though some pieces are entirely made from Hill-Side fabrics. A couple of my personal favorites include the Choctaw Ridge small rose print boxers and the Tender Co henley. They’re all available starting today at the Hickoree’s online store here, and of course in-store if you happen to be in New York. While you’re at the Hickoree’s online store, it’s always worth having a browse through the original Hill-Side collection, available here.

– CK

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