Baxter of California Candles

While they’re not for everyone, I like the idea of having a nice candle burning somewhere in my apartment to keep things smelling nice. I’ve tried a number of candles from a number of different sources while I’ve admired the Baxter of California candles from afar. Recently I decided to take the jump and try Baxter’s collaboration candle with Unionmade Goods, the K.M.L. Inspired by burning wood, campfires and the California sun, it’s a great soft smell that I’ve found gives my apartment a relaxing, summery, woody smell. They are described by Baxter as such – KML is a true burning wood creation that connotes a campfires and crackling fireplaces with hot, smoking embers. The body of the fragrance is a bold blend of Cedar and Sandalwood moderated with Guiacwood Oil. The foundation rests on a soft, sensuous Musk note. (And as one knows – it’s tough to ask for more than a soft, sensuous musk note). Each candle is built to last around 60 hours, and if you’re a candle person are completely worth the $30. They’re available on the Baxter site, here.

– CK

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