Reigning Champ F/W 2012

A selection of Reigning Champ’s offerings for Fall and Winter 2012 are up for preview on High Snobiety. The Vancouver-based company is best known for their fleece and terry-cloth garments. From the items shown in the preview, it looks as if they have produced an exceptional collection that pushes their line into new territory while keeping true to their sweater-based roots. Each item is appears simple but underneath the simplicity is a great attention to detail and high level of craftsmanship. Reigning Champ garments tend to wear well with time, keeping you warm no matter what you throw at them. I’ve been wearing a couple of their piecesparticularly their Gastown FC collaboration sweater – quite a bit recently and can say with great confidence they’re some of the best basics pieces I’ve ever worn. For the coming collection, the cardigan was one of the garments to catch my eye – a versatile piece in a great, warm fabric that will look great on its own and also work really well in layering come Fall and Winter. Reigning Champ will be releasing the F/W 2012 collection online on their site come August when site maintenance is finally completed.

– CK

(I recently bought their standard gray sweater and it has rapidly become own of my most worn pieces of clothing. I’ve worn it for soccer, for work, around town and for dinners. It’s an incredibly flexible piece and the weight of the cotton is perfect for most conditions. I’m quite sure – given the preview – that something from the F/W 2012 collection will be added to my wardrobe in September. – AP)


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