We Hear 13 June 2012

This week, I’m devoting the entire column to the English electronic band Hot Chip. From their aptly named 2004 debut album Coming on Strong to 2010’s One Life Stand, Hot Chip have been weird, wonderful, sentimental, danceable and just plain great. On their latest release In Our Heads, we find the group in top form. The hooks are infectious and the beats are great. Just as on One Life Stand, the album is focused on more serious themes: love, relationships and life – but it approaches each in such a open-eyed and joyous way that the music never seems trite or sappy. Like the excellent Mixed Emotions by Tanlines, this album has the perfect blend of upbeat and downbeat tracks to suit any mood. It’ll be in high rotation on my various devices all summer. The track “Night & Day” has been selected as the single and is accompanied by a truly bizarre – and enjoyable – music video directed by Peter Serafinowicz that features dancing monks, spaceships and Terence Stamp. The video can be seen below. “Night & Day” might be the single, but for my money the best songs on the album are found on the first half. The opening 5 tracks, in particular “Don’t Deny Your Heart” and “These Chains”, are exceptional. The whole album is available for streaming for free on the Guardian. Hot Chip will be in Vancouver on 15 September at the Commodore Ballroom. Unfortunately, tickets are thin on the ground as this is a popular show. Still, if you can find a couple it’ll be worth it.

UPDATE: A second Vancouver show has been announced due to high demand. 16 September. Tickets are $51 and go on sale this Friday at 10am.

– AP

Images: hotchip.co.uk


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