One Eight Nine

For a great selection of breaking product news, insightful interviews, a well curated store and some really interesting features the website One Eight Nine is very much worth stopping by. Set up by English designer Mark Robinson in 2007, OEN has evolved into a site where people can both learn about, understand and purchase objects. There are particularly inspiring interviews with photographer Brian Ferry, designer Eunice Lee of Unis, Menno van Meurs of Tenue de Nimes, Emil Corsillo of Hickoree’s Hard Goods and Michael Hamilton and Paul Craig of the Bureau store in Belfast. Above and beyond this great interviews lineup, there are a number of design, film, photography and menswear features that make for great reading for those interested by such topics. It’s the sort of site that, having spent an afternoon browsing, will have you inspired to get out and start-up your own brand or brick and mortar store. If you’ve got a bit of spare time and are in need of inspiration of just an excellent browse, is well worth taking the time out to visit. As an added perk, they’re currently featuring Dutch artist Piet Mondrian (a personal favorite of mine) in their inspiring quotes section.

– CK


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