Tivoli Audio

There are some lovely combinations of speakers and audio systems available to today’s consumer – in particular the Dieter Ram designed line from Braun –but for relatively inexpensive simplicity in classic stylings with a modern appeal Tivoli Audio is an excellent option. I’ve seen their sets in stores a number of times now and online, tivoliaudio.com. Here I discovered their NetWorks stereo with FM capability. This simple looking system is a clean, elegant solution to playing higher quality audio from your laptop, phone or tablet in your home or office. It has the capacity to stream internet radio via your wireless network, receive FM radio transmissions, and most importantly stream audio from your devices over either your wireless network or via an ethernet cable. Sound quality seems to be a strength of the system given the in-store demos I’ve heard and the online reviews I’ve read. It was also the recipient of the 2009 iF seal of design excellence award, an honor bestowed by the international forum of design in Hannover Germany and based on all I’ve seen, it seems a worthy winner. If you’re in the market for a new sound system for either your home or office to improve on the quality of your laptop speakers (as handy as they are, they tend to be crap) – the NetWorks will set you back 499 in Canada, and can be ordered here.

Demo video.

– CK

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