Union Wood Co.

Founded in 2009 with the goal of designing and crafting reclaimed wood furniture from the solid plank floors from Gastown’s docks, foundries and mills – Union Wood Co has evolved into one of Vancouver’s finest furniture brands. They focus on utilizing antique wood and other raw materials to put together simple, uncomplicated and unique pieces which harken back to a past time when designs were far more humble and functional. I’d imagine working with Union Wood Co would be an interesting experience as they’re constantly searching demolition sites, abandoned buildings, salvage shops and the like for elements they can incorporate into their designs. As well as their own custom furniture, they sell some of the unique finds they stumble upon during these scouting missions in a recently opened Railtown space. This space has become one of the more interesting stores in Vancouver, combining a front end where a number of the pieces they discover are located alongside a few they’ve crafted themselves and a back end with a full workshop. It’s a space worth making the trek down to Railtown to find, particularly if you’re in the market for custom furniture. For some of the smaller pieces, there is also a well run online store that has some lovely images and products featured – similar to their nicely curated blog. They also happen to work by a motto close to our own “We search, we salvage, we make.”

– CK

Union Wood Co. | unionwoodco.bigcartel.com | 503 Railway St.

Thursday to Saturday, 11 am to 5 pm; and Monday to Wednesday by appointment

Images via Union Wood Co.


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