Truck Furniture

Regardless of my total reliance on Google to translate much of the text on their website – the Japanese furniture store Truck has rapidly become one of my favorite sites to peruse at length. Truck has been mentioned a great deal around the internet and in print, most recently in Inventory Magazine, Monocle Magazine and the One Eight Nine – but my recent obsession with it has compelled me to add my two-cents worth and share my excitement.

Truck was founded just outside Osaka, Japan in 1997 by Tokuhiko Kise and Hiromi Karatsu with the goal of making furniture that they themselves would like to own – regardless of fashion, trend and time. Evidently Kise and Karatsu would like to own some pretty amazing furniture, as they’ve created some of the most beautifully designed pieces I’ve come across. If given the chance, I’d jump to fill every space I could find exclusively with Truck, though sadly this remains a dream. Luckily though for those of us not based in Japan, Truck also sell their goods online at, the site whose praises I was singing earlier. Of course, shipping my be a little costly, but it would be quite clearly worth it to be able to add Kise and Karatsu’s creations to your own space. If the site alone isn’t quite enough viewing for your needs, Truck also currently have published a trilogy of books, which they produced themselves, featuring their work. These books are Making Truck, Truck Works 2 and Truck Works 3 and are available online, in-store at Truck, as well as a more locally at Inventory While I’ve yet to pick up a copy, I have a suspicion one will end up making its way onto my desk before too long.

Now this is all very well, but I’ve yet to dwell on that which makes the whole operation tick: the furniture itself. Clean, simple and elegant lines are present throughout the collection. The simple stools, chest of drawers and beautifully crafted beds all give the impression that they have been crafted with the utmost care and thoughtfulness. As with many Japanese designed products, this simplicity and craftsmanship seem to be the keys Truck’s success. Many of the larger pieces also seem to play with space, adding extra elements into simple designs to accommodate storage and the rigours that come with the use of furniture in a non-storefront setting. The use of different woods with occasional metal fixings gives many items in the collection a sense of personality. One of my favourite parts of the website is the disclaimers under many of the items where some slight imperfections in the wood are discussed, the premise of which being that this is something a potential buyer must accept and approve of – there is no pure perfection here, the pieces take on a life of their own. This unique nature coupled with the incredible simplistic design makes many of Truck’s products near impossible to turn away from. A few of my favourites are shown below.

Torch 2-Seater Couch

Afromosia Cabinet / Partition

Pendant Lamp

Flat Bed

Torch Chairs

Oak Table

Sadly – I haven’t been privileged to see the physical Truck space in person, but from what I’ve read and seen, it’s almost worth making a trip to Japan. Their space includes a large showroom, workspace and even a full coffee shop, outfitted entirely in Truck. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to visit and report back but for now, happy browsing.

– CK


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