Jennilee Marigomen

Vancouver currently boasts a great wealth of creative talent, from writers and editors to artists and photographers. One of those photographers who has recently made a great impression on anyone who has happened to view her work is Jennilee Marigomen. Jennilee resides in Vancouver and shows at an international level. Her work focusses on capturing the beauty in everyday phenomenon. In addition to her photography, she is the art and photo editor of the beautifully curated 01 magazine. She has contributed a photo essay in the most recent issue of Inventory Magazine as well as the Plant Journal, and some of her photos are currently on show at Neighbour in Gastown and at East Van Studios. In her own words, her work reflects how “the tension between the natural world and urban intervention permeate images with a playful undertone. Visceral and sedative environments highlight the fleeting extraordinary.” Based on her work that I’ve seen, this seems a very accurate description. She has a great eye for the extraordinary within the bounds of the ordinary as well as a great talent for the curation of her works at a gallery and publication level. She keeps a great portfolio on her site which is certainly worth a browse or two.

– CK

Images from Jennilee Marigomen (


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