Lightning Bolt Shorts

Now that summer seems to have finally arrived in Vancouver, it’s time to hit the beaches. However, if you’re like me, swim shorts probably aren’t the most updated piece of your wardrobe; there just aren’t enough chances to wear them here. The last time you bought a pair, long, baggy surf shorts may have been the dominant style of the day. If so, it may be time for a proper update – maybe to something a little closer fitting. One particularly great option is the Made in USA Lightning Bolt Shorts. They’re a great length, not too short but also not dangling far below the knees. Lightning Bolt has a great history in the surf industry: the Maui-based company and its lightning bolt logo have been icons within the surf short business for over 35 years. Their shorts offer a modern style with a vintage feel that stays true to the original surf and sand attitude of Lighting Bolt. So pull on a pair, conceal a few cold cans of beer in your backpack, select a book from that heap on your coffee table/mantel/bedside table and make your way to the interstice of the land and the sea.

The Lightning Bolt Short can be found at Unis.

– CK and AP


2 thoughts on “Lightning Bolt Shorts

    • I will do, and I’ll have to pick some up for myself as well! Also, re the second comment, would you be curious to know generally what we like less, or that product specifically?

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