Reigning Champ x Converse Sneakers

Recently Reigning Champ and Converse announced they were getting together for a collaboration involving Reigning Champ’s terry cotton and Converse’s classic sneakers. I’ve been waiting eagerly to see what the final product would be, and now thanks to an in Inquiringmind Magazine I’ve been able to have a longer look at what appears to be an excellent product. The shoe is modelled in the traditional Chuck Taylor style and topped with a Reigning Champ terry outer and Oxford cloth lining. To me, the shoe looks amazing and promises to keep your feet warm and age well just like a Reigning Champ sweater. Overall, the shoes perfectly emphasise the Reigning Champ brand identity while retaining the classic Converse look. They’ll be released officially at an event July 15 at Haven in Toronto. If you can make it, enjoy. The rest of us will have to wait just a little bit longer. In the meantime, the excellent interview in Inquiringmind Magazine gives some insight into the process behind this exciting collaboration.


Images from Hypebeast ( and Inquiringmind (

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