Braun AB1 Alarm Clock


There are few products that reach the pinnacle of simplified, functional design. One that does, in my opinion, is Dieter Rams’ Braun AB1 alarm clock. The clock provides the user with the essentials in a simple, elegant and functional package. The analogue display is sheltered behind quartz and surrounded by contoured black box that is one of the triumphs of Rams’ work. The clock runs off battery, making it convenient for travel. The glowing bands on the clock hands serve to add the extra ability of seeing the approximate time at night without a loud obnoxious flashing sign. The clock itself is simple to set – as is the alarm – and there’s really very little to distract the user from the purpose of the product – namely telling time. They’re available on e-bay as well as via your favorite Braun sourcing site.

– CK

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