An Ode to Mr Lee’s General Store

Late this June, both of us at the Facing Page were floored by a tweet from beloved Vancouver hardbashery Mr Lee’s General Store announcing the closing of the store at the end of July. Mr Lee’s has been one of Vancouver’s premier stores since 2009, a reign that may seem short, but we feel that in their brief three years they’ve done a great deal for all of us that have taken the time to step through their doors. They were one of the first retailers in Vancouver to stock many a brand that have become fixtures around the city. Brands like the Hill-Side, Baxter of California, Mast Brothers and Stumptown Coffee were all introduced to many Vancouver consumers on the shelves of Mr Lee’s. It has been one of those few stores were you knew when you entered that you’d find something you’d never seen before but that you’d instantly fall for. Both of us have enjoyed many a time browsing the wares of Mr Lee’s and we’ll both miss it very much. Indeed, I (AP) bought several of my favourite (and longest-lasting) possessions there. Mr. Lee’s provided my American Optics sunglasses that have accompanied me through Syria, Lebanon, Europe and beyond. The Tanner Goods cardholder I bought there is by far the most durable and attractive wallet I’ve ever owned, and every time I shave, I thank Mr. Lee’s for my Edwin Jagger safety razor. For myself, (CK) I have to credit Mr Lee’s for my first taste of Stumptown Coffee and Mast Brothers chocolate, Mr Lee’s provided my faithful go-to tie from the Hill-Side, and I discovered one of my favorite publications – Inventory Magazine – for the first time on their shelves. Until the end of July, everything but chocolate and coffee are on sale at 35% off as Mr Lee’s looks to clean out it’s inventory. This is a great chance to get in and pick up a last piece of two of the Mr Lee’s collection, you may even run into us there, saying our last goodbyes. On the positive side, the Belmont Barber shop, Mr Lee’s neighbour and partner in crime will be remaining open, meaning we’re still safe in the knowledge that Vancouver’s finest barbers will be available for a while to come.

– CK | AP

2 thoughts on “An Ode to Mr Lee’s General Store

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