The Heritage Post

Another publication I picked up on my recent trip to the Netherlands is the German magazine the Heritage Post. This journal, albeit in German, eschews the everyday consumer goods and give you a selection of special things, forgotten products, vintage products, the beautiful, and the individual. The magazine is now on its second issue and seems destined to become a stalwart in the European-style magazine section. While I understand very little of the text, the imagery and presentation of the products and people is incredible. The photoessays “The Rugged Guys”, which features a number of Europe’s well dressed heritage aficionados, is a particular highlight for its selection of goods . There’s a lot of denim featured, both jeans and jackets, as well as a number of great boots from brands like Viberg and Red Wing. Leather and bicycles are also present and both get full articles to themselves which again focus on the themes of vintage, forgotten and beautiful products. Single Speed, a Swiss cycle retailer, was one of my favourite discoveries from the cycle section. If I’m lucky enough to be in Basel soon, I will be sure to swing by as they appear to have one of the best curated selections of Brooks saddles imaginable as well as some incredible frames. The Midori Traveller’s notebooks and a couple of pieces by Tanner Goods also have appearances, including the Tanner Goods sunglass case that I know AP covets highly. There’s also a recipe section, photos from the apartments of some of the aforementioned Rugged Guys and really well done features on vintage Leica cameras and vintage Mini Coopers. While the list of features sounds great – it wouldn’t have been nearly as good as it turns out to be if it wasn’t laid out as nicely as it is. Photo spreads contain closeups or side panels containing some of the product highlights and there are always reference guides to pieces shown as well as links and standout features are often given and many pieces contain some really nice illustrated examples. It isn’t available at many North American retailers as yet – but if you get a chance to pick up a copy while in Europe it’s incredibly worth it. They’ve recently started an ordering service through their website where you can also now pick up their first issue. I recommend the magazine highly, particularly if you happen to be fluent in German.

– CK

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