Pendant Lamps

Recently, I’ve been quite taken by the vast selection of great industrial-style pendant light fixtures I’ve come across on the internet, in print and in stores I’ve been able to visit. There’s something about the way a pendant fixture spreads light around a room, particularly when paired with a good bulb that I find really charming. Of course, the fact that the lamps themselves look gorgeous and (as shops like Amsterdam’s 360 volt – a gorgeous canal-side purveyor of used pendant lamps – showcase perfectly) age much like a good wine makes the hunt for the perfect one even more enjoyable. The industrial charm of these fixtures can add something to just about any room, and they’re exceptionally versatile given the soft way they distribute light. They’re not too overpowering for a bedroom, but can still give the necessary light for a kitchen or workspace. Vancouver’s reliable Old Faithful happens to have a great selection in store as well as online for those who don’t live nearby. The new options here make a great option for those who are slightly more adverse to going out and hunting thrift stores, garage sales and the like to find a more vintage option. Old Faithful also stock what they believe (and I would have to say they’re quite right) to be the best bulb for the job, the vintage inspired Edison bulb. UK based SlowDownJoe has a great selection as well and stock the Pacific Furniture Service’s enamel version of the pendant lamp fixture. With the number currently out there it’s quite a search to find the right one – whether by vintage or in store – but seek and ye shall find.

– CK


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