A Still Life Vol 1: Vancouver Souvenir – Old Faithful Shop x Brian Ferry

There’s nothing quite like grey cloud cover, good coffee and trees to portray Vancouver – especially when shot by one of our favorite photographers, Brian Ferry. A Still Life Vol 1: Vancouver Souvenir is the first of an ongoing series by Vancouver’s finest general store – Old Faithful Shop – in which they will be featuring a variety of photographs which showcase some of the Old Faithful inventory in and around day to day life. Brian had this to say about the collaboration: “Walter and Savannah, the owners, have been big supporters of my work and I was thrilled that they asked me to shoot photos for them. I had a great time visiting Vancouver – in April, the weather was really moody – blues and greys and lots of greens. I headed outside with my cameras and explored Vancouver, and we also shot a selection of their simple, attractive products around the house. These photos formed the basis for our collaboration.” It seems Walter and Savannah were equally pleased about working with Brian, saying “We have been admiring Brian’s work for years now through his blog The Blue Hour: Brian has the innate ability to follow natural light into the dimmest of situations and compose photographs that invite the viewer in with a real sense of warmth.” It’s a truly top collaboration – enjoy.

– CK


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