Six Acres

Tucked in behind the Gassy Jack statue at the Carrall/Water/Alexander intersection in Gastown is one of our favorite spots in Vancouver for a good beer and a share-plate or two: Six Acres. A relatively small place with two floors and a little bricked patio outside, Six Acres is a great looking space that has stood up well in the competitive Gastown restaurant scene. They’re housed in what’s called the Alhambra building (interestingly, they’re also one of a very few spots in Vancouver to serve my favorite Spanish beer – Alhambra), the oldest brick building in Vancouver, which stands on the site of Gassy Jack’s Deighton Hotel. Inspired by the apparently Gastown-based tradition of ‘talking, swigging and tucking into good food’ – Six Acres features an outstanding beer list and one of the better charcuterie options you’ll find in Vancouver. The mussels and the fries plate are also top options – particularly the fries plate if you haven’t had a proper fry for a while. If you’re ever bored during your meal, you can always retreat to the upstairs washrooms – where there’s always an old novel being played in audiobook format. It’s an interesting concept, and one that can really catch you off-guard if you happen to come in at certain points in various books (I once happened upon a very odd passage featuring a wholy unsavory scene). It’s a great spot in a great neighbourhood and perfect for the summer months when they have the patio open. It’s the perfect spot to have a beer, catch up with friends and watch the amazing variety of people who walk through Gastown pass by.

Six Acres | | 203 Carrall Street

Monday to Saturday 5 pm – 1 am, Sundays Closed

– CK


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