We See: jjjjound

“The blog posts will have no titles.
The photos will be random.
No text either.
Just great photos.
(BTW, this is going to be your favorite blog)”

This is the text displayed at the bottom of each page of one of my favorite photoblogs, the Montreal, Canada based jjjjound, and it sums the site up perfectly. jjjjound is a collection of images updated once or twice a month (quality makes up for quantity of posts), featuring just about everything one could think of. There are sprinklings of architecture photos, design photos, a great deal of lifestyle and fashion photos, a healthy dose of sneakers and leather footwear, several (slightly not safe for work) pictures of the fairer sex, the occasional focus on typography and pretty much everything else under the sun. In 2010, the team behind jjjjound opened up j-shoppe, a web-based store designed to sell some of the goods showcased on the site itself . If you enjoyed the photoblog, the store is well worth a browse – they tend to have a well curated selection of goods. Below is a (safe for work) selection of images from the most recent couple of posts that I put together, all taken from jjjjound.com. If you’ve got some time and are looking for inspiration or enjoyment – the site is well worth giving a good visit, you won’t be disappointed. Make sure you set enough time aside though, I don’t think I’ve ever managed to find the end of the site, and it can keep you scrolling down for hours at end easily.

– CK

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