Sneeze Magazine

Sneeze magazine isn’t like your typical publication and this is a very good thing. Sneeze is a quarterly released, poster sized (22″ × 16″), unbound, full color, soft fold publication, which given the page size (enormous – you don’t realize how big it is until you actually pick a copy up) turns both ads and photos into wall ready art should the reader choose. Sneeze was founded by Vancouverite Nic Fenson with the goal of expanding the street inspired lifestyle and culture of skateboarding by way of unexpected references, places and photographs to provide their reader with an authentic, unpretentious and honest publication. With the fold-out style of the magazine, it’s a fitting reference to the newspaper-like appearance of Sneeze that it is available in many cities in North America in street-boxes, much like newspapers. It’s one of the concepts behind Sneeze that really sets it apart, a nice way of distributing the magazine at the street level that was apparently an exceptional headache to push through. Here in Vancouver, Sneeze has one box, located at the corner of Abbott and Water in Gastown – where the magazine can be picked up for the very reasonable price of two toonies (that’s $4 for the non-Canadians). It’s also available at all Haven locations and at other fine online and brick and mortar retailers. For the price, it’s well worth having a look through, you’ll definitely find some interesting and unique content and may well end up with your new favorite bit of wall furnishing.

– CK


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