Tanner Goods x Horween Leather

Horween Leather Co – Five Floors of Tanning

We’ve mentioned Tanner Goods a few times on the Facing Page before. They warrant the attention given their consistent production of exceptional products and this time we’re bringing them up less for their products and more for a great video they put together documenting their visit to the legendary (among the circles of leather afficianados) Horween leather factory in Chicago. This glimpse into the behind-the-scene goings-on at the Horween factory is one of the nicest produced we’ve seen and helps to give even more of a backstory to the Tanner Goods products we own or covet. It’s always nice to see where your goods are coming from, especially when the video is put together this well. We’ll be looking out closely for Tanner’s Fall 2012 releases in the next month which may include some of the leather seen in the video.

– CK


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