The Unis Gio – A Follow Up

We at the Facing Page are proud to have reached 100 posts with this, our follow-up on the Unis Gio. We’d really like to thank all you – the readers for your continuing interest and support, and hope you’ll continue with us as we aim to grow and evolve.

A couple of months ago we posted a feature on the Unis Gio on The Facing Page, describing it as a top candidate to step in for raw denim during the warmer summer months. Well – it turns out that recently both of us purchased a pair, and both of us have yet to stop raving about them. They – as we’d heard, really do have the perfect fit. They’re slim without being skinny, classic without losing their modern touch and feel from the moment you put them on like you’ve had them forever. They sit well at the hips, though we recommend trying a size up from your regular as we both found they run a little small around the waist. I’ve picked up my pair in the navy blue while AP went with the classic khaki, we’ve both found them very versatile pieces that you can build your outfit around most of the time.

Beyond the fit and look, the Unis Gio isn’t just a pretty face. The material is durable and perfectly weighted. I (AP) have cycled, hiked and sailed in my pair and they’ve held up to it all. I’ve also dressed them up with a pair of dark brown leather shoes. More than that, as advertised, the weight of the material is good for both hot and cold weather (although on the hottest days, it is nice to roll the cuffs up a few times). Simply put, the Unis Gio is the most versatile pair of pants I’ve ever owned. They’re probably also my favourite. I look forward to – eventually – wearing them into the ground.

– CK | AP


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