Aeropress Coffeemaker

I drink a lot of coffee. In part, this is because I have an addiction. But I also enjoy the flavour and ceremony of it. As nice as it is to pop into one of my favourite coffee shops such as Revolver or Innocent Coffee, more often than not I brew my fix at home. I have been using a classic stovetop espresso machine and it produced a dark, strong coffee but was a temperamental beast as far as flavour went. Recently, through the kindness of a friend, I acquired a shiny new Aeropress coffee maker. And I couldn’t be more pleased.

The Aeropress is one of those products that look hopelessly geeky and fiddly. An over-complicated solution to a simple problem. The sort of tool that when used exactly right works brilliantly but is nigh-on impossible to use exactly right. But it isn’t. It’s simple to use and from my experience consistently produces excellent coffee. As it makes coffee one cup at a time, it forces you to take care in the brewing. In essence, it acts like a mini-Bodum but with some key alterations. Firstly, the plunger never touches the coffee. As the name suggests, air is used to push the coffee through the filter. The coffee and water are mixed in a column and then an air- and water-tight plunger is used to push the brewed coffee out into the waiting cup. For reasons that are beyond me, this process results in an excellent cup of coffee, and I’m not alone in this opinion. Recently, an Aeropress World Championship has been created to gauge which coffee-nerd can best wield the device. Our local favourite Revolver hosted the Canadian championships this year. Indeed, George Giannakos – one of the founders of Revolver – favours the Aeropress for his home brewing. The contraption may not be the prettiest thing it the world or the fastest but it makes a great cup of coffee. And provides a sense of gadgety ceremony to my morning fix. I enjoy this. But I enjoy the coffee more.

You can find the Aeropress at many local stores.

– AP


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