Homespun Knitwear Henleys

Anyone looking to branch out from the ubiquitous t-shirt as their go-to top may want to take a look at the humble henley as a potential option – particularly the offerings from Vancouver-based Homespun Knitwear. Homespun Knitwear was founded in 2009 in Vancouver as a spin-off of Standard Design and has been produced locally ever since. Homespun’s collection is based purely on men’s knit tops, each in a traditional slim fit based off of early 20th century workwear undershirts. There’s a nice mix of fabrics for both the long and short sleeve styles, ranging from heavier knits to lighter more summer appropriate weights. With such a tight collection, there’s a focus on craftsmanship and making a quality product rather than mass producing a number of different garments. As a result, it’s tough to find a henley that feels quite as good, and lasts quite as well as those offerings from Homespun Knitwear. They can be tough to locate though as they’re very selective on the stockists they allow to carry their product. Despite their Vancouver roots, Vancouver only has two stockists: Inventory Stockroom and a much more limited selection at Gravity Pope. If you’re able to track them down, they’re well worth trying but be warned: they’re quite likely to become a staple in your wardrobe.

– CK

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