Saturdays NYC Magazine

The New York surf company Saturdays NYC recently made their first foray into print. The hefty offering runs close to 290 pages of ad free photography, editorials and interviews with subjects from in and around the surf community. Interviews include the Beastie Boys singer and avid surfer Mike D, Japanese surf legend Kohei Chiba, and actor with a surf enthusiasm Vincent Cassel. Editorials feature a number of legendary surf photographers including Walter Iooss, Art Brewer, Mark Hartman, Jason Polan and Curtis Kulig. The move into print fits the Saturdays mentality nicely – having given Manhattanites a place (namely their flagship store) to sit down and discuss surfing over a good coffee, they’ve now given the world a surf focussed magazine to browse and discuss. Sadly I’ve yet to get a look at it as it hasn’t yet emerged in Vancouver and shipping from New York runs $45 – for those in the States though, it can be ordered at the Saturdays webshop. I’m looking forward to seeing it the day when it does wash up on our west coast shores.

– CK


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